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Want to learn Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba ?

At Sabor Asi Dance Company, we spread the flavour of dancing in Vancouver and Victoria.
Our mission is to help people connect with the music in a fun and friendly environment.

With over 10 years of teaching experience, we are offering group and private classes, workshops, performances, DJ services, private party entertainment and wedding choreography.

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Salsa is a dance of celebration and joy. In Latin America, salsa dancing is very popular as it is an important part of the social life. Salsa is highly energetic and it is a great way to shake our problems away and enjoy the present moment. Learn more...

Bachata usually has a slower rhythm and expresses more sensuality.  Originating in Dominican Republic, bachata dancing is a slower and more romantic dance. Learn more...

Kizomba is called the "African tango". Mixing the elegance of tango, with warm beats from Angola. It requires a strong sense of connection between the partners and the music. Learn more...

The dance of love and one of the fastest growing new dances worldwide. Zouk is a sensual dance which relies heavily on partner connection, presence, and interaction. Learn more...

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Javier’s Word

Sabor Asi Dance Company
Javier Monsalve
Founder & Director of
Sabor Asi Dance Company
Performer and Head-instructor

“Welcome to your dance journey. I would like to share with you what I learnt from my own experience as a dancer.  A new journey in a new passion such as dance can be challenging if we are not equipped with the right tools. Here are the main tools needed to reach your greatest potential as a dancer. 

Arrive to dance with a full cup of humility… Once you drink from this cup we will be able to fill your cup again with beautiful dance knowledge.  After you drink this cup, you will once again fill your cup with humility.  The art of being humble is a huge factor in being successful in the understanding of dance and become the best dancer/person you can be.

Arrive with an open mind.  An open mind will pave the way for you to experience more clarity and connect deeper with the music and dance. 

Arrive with an open heart.  Your access to trust will allow you greater potential to create stronger and more meaningful  bonds with fellow students and teachers.

Practice the art of surrender.  It's true.  We are able to learn the most, by letting go of all pre-conceived ideas.  Being non-judgmental with every person you meet will help you enjoy every single dance.

In the end, we are all searching for the same things on the dance floor:  Happiness, respect, fun, sense of connectedness, love, trust. The dance floor carries many hidden treasures.  But to find them…. we must first search within.

Shall we dance?”