Choreography classes

Choreography Classes

In this class, we teach a committed team of students how to perform a routine that matches their level.

This is your chance to improve all aspects of your dancing while enjoying the benefits of teamwork.

As we finalize our training, we will have the opportunity to experience the magic of performing on stage.

choreography classes
In the Choreography classes, we focus on:   

Technique - Connection with a partner, Core & balance development

Self Expression - Discover and exploring our own unique style

Body awareness - Body movement, isolations, posture

Stage presence - Developing confidence & playfulness as a dancer

The benefits

Whether you want to perform or not (not mandatory), this class will definitely raise your level of dancing.

Developing your ability to dance with and without your partner, you will build more confidence on the dance floor.

This is also a chance to share an amazing experience as part of a team. Every year, our student teams  build beautiful friendships though dancing, and that’s what we love the most about our dance art!

choreography classes
Performing opportunities

Sabor Asi organizes choreography shows at social dancing events in BC, mainly Vancouver island - Victoria & Nanaimo,  lower mainland - Vancouver, but also at local festivals and fundraisers throughout BC.

The Vancouver Dance Congress, The Portland Salsa Congress and The Seattle Salsa Congress can also open their stages to you!


How to join

Email us your interest for the Choreography classes at and we will provide you with more information.

You can also call Javier: +1 778 587 7665