Group Classes

Group Classes

Discover the Latin and Tropical dances we teach in our group classes.

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Energy – Fun - Celebration

Salsa is a dance of celebration and joy. In Latin America, salsa dancing is very popular as it is an important part of the social life. Salsa is highly energetic and it is a great way to shake our problems away and enjoy the present moment. Many of our students tell us how salsa dancing helps bring immense positive energy into their lives. 


In our classes:
Salsa beginner

We will share history, musicality, basic steps, partner connection, and the secrets of leading and following.

Salsa Intermediate

 We will go further in exploring how fun and playful Salsa can be.  Moving beyond the basics steps, we will learn more about connecting to your core, counter weight, momentum, travelling turns, and multiple spins and styling footwork.  Your body awareness and agility will definitely be challenged!     

Lesson 1 with Javier: the basic step
Lesson 2 with Javier: Partnerwork


Warmth - Romance - Playfulness

Bachata is typical fom the Caribbean’s, and its rhythm recalls the sun and the tropical beaches. As Bachata songs take their inspiration from love stories, Bachata is dance of romance.

The Bachata Sensual style is the latest evolution of Bachata as it adds a sexy, fun and playful dimension to traditional Dominican Bachata while incorporating elements from other dances such as zouk and tango.  Here you're creativity can be endless.


In our classes:
Bachata Sensual Beginners

Learn to dance bachata with heightened awareness and connection with your partner and the music.  We will explore the basics of body movement, lead/follow connection, turn techniques, and musicality.


Bachata Sensual Intermediate

For dancers with previous Bachata experience, expand your partnerwork vocabulary by adding more body rolls, waves, sways & dips.  Once you have strong foundations, we can unlock the secrets to accessing creativity.

A taste of Bachata Sensual: demo at a festival


Flow - Grace - Freedom

The dance of love and one of the fastest growing new dances worldwide. Zouk is a sensual dance which allows us to reach new heights in presence, partner connection,  and interaction.  Zouk can be lead by the entire body, and on different axis points.  Once you feel the "flow", zouk dancing feels like your floating through clouds. 


In our classes:
Zouk beginners

Zouk Beginners is for absolute beginners trying zouk for the first time. Learn the basic elements and fundamentals that make up the foundation of this dance. 

Zouk intermediate

Coming soon

See what Zouk looks like


Sensuality - Close embrace - Connection       

Kizomba is sometimes called the “African Tango”, as it takes its roots in Angola. This dance requires the most precise level of connection, as both partners dance in a close embrace. Far from the showy moves and tricks, Kizomba is designed for social dancing and deep connection. It focuses on the feeling and the communication between partners. When their synchronized movements reach harmony, they move as one, with infinite grace.


In our classes:


Kizomba beginner

We start off by learning "The art of connection".   Learning to be grounded dancers  requires great core to floor connection.  Musicality and exploration of various patterns.  Mens & Ladies "saidas" and basic body movement.   


Kizomba intermediate

Now that we have made it this far.  We can have a lot of fun by adding styling, and SABOR!  You will also learn variations of basic steps to make your dance more dynamic and playful.  Also, how to connect deeper to the music by matching your moves to the rhythm and melodies.

Kizomba demo at a festival

No partner required, no age or ability restriction, just bring your smile!

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