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Sabor Asi Dance Company Ltd. is a B.C based Latin dance company that specializes in teaching and performing latin dances. Our main dance styles are Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk.

“Sabor Asi” is spanish for Flavour Like That. As the name indicates, our company’s focus is on injecting a dose of flavour into everything we do.

Our company is set apart from the rest because it is guided by the principles of inclusiveness and multiculturalism. In addition to offering group and private classes throughout the South Island region, we also run various performance teams for all ages. We can assist you with all of your event entertainment needs. Our specialties: wedding choreographies, DJ services, corporate teambuilding packages, and private party entertainment packages.

When we dance we connect with people, have fun and stay in shape. Despite contrary belief, every person can learn how to dance if they are provided with the right tools (nobody really has two left feet). Sabor Asi Dance Company is pleased to offer you the opportunity to learn how to dance while having fun!

Sabor Asi
Sabor Asi


Sabor Asi Dance Company

Javier Monsalve
Founder & Director
Performer and Head-instructor

Javier is of Chilean descent but didn’t fall in love with Latin dancing until the age of 21 and then it transformed his life. Diving into the world of Bachata and Salsa he discovered a ‘sabor’ (flavour) where gratitude, humility, patience, respect, and joy were the main ingredients. With those ingredients Javier finds that dance becomes a powerful and transformative communication tool to connect people of all genders, cultures, shapes and sizes.   

In 2005 he was asked to teach his first class and after a few years Sabor Asi Dance Company was born. Originally based in Victoria but now transitioning to Vancouver, Javier likes to focus on helping people learn to transcend beyond their limits through dance. His approach to dance is all about having fun, connecting deeply with others, self growth and transformation – while remaining true to the essence of Latin dancing.  

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