Here’s a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions.



  • How long does it take to become a good dancer?

    Dance is a life long journey.  Your ability to become a proficient dancer depends on your motivation and commitment.  We as teachers, can only offer you the tools to build your empire.  We will encourage, coach and lead you towards reaching your greatest potential, but it is you who decides to do all the work needed. 

    Learning dance is a great way to build confidence and by learning with your new friends, we all support and encourage each other to keep climbing higher and higher.  A teacher once shared:  "the journey to the top of a mountain takes a lot of work.  But once you get to the top and are able to see how far you've come, you realize how valuable the work was.  But what's exciting, is that as you look around you, you see there are so many more higher mountains yet to climb.  Our journey is endless."   

  • Do I need to bring a partner?

    Bringing a partner is a great idea, but not necessary.  To ensure a fun and balanced experience, we believe rotating partners within a class helps improve our dance communication.  Since these are social dances, we are driven to dance freely and confidently with anyone.

  • How do I dress?

    Comfort is the key.  But also, it's nice to dress to match your personality.  Everyone has a unique style.  You can be as sporty/classy/casual/elegant/etc as you like.  As long as you're comfortable.  

  • What type of shoes do I need?

    While you can buy specific shoes for latin dancing, we recommend starting out in any comfortable shoes that will not grip the floor, and allow you to spin easily.

  • What if I have two left feet? 

    We love helping people with two left feet find the right one.  It's much easier than you think!  And we have the tools to help you discover that you've been a dancer this whole time… waiting for the right time to hatch.  The time is now!

  • Dance floor Etiquette:

    We will be sharing spaces, closely, with other people… since we'll be exploring a lot of movement, we will sweat.  Watching a basic hygiene and coming to class feeling fresh will definitely help our friends have a pleasant experience near us 😉

    Kindness is queen:  You never know what kind of day the person you're dancing with has had. A great teacher once shared:  "You're goal as a dancer is to have your partner leave with a bigger smile than they arrived with."

    The dance floor is a playground, it is not a place for "adult stress" to enter.  We are here to play, to explore, to try new things with great courage and curiosity. 

    A bailar !

A Bailar !

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